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Donations For Indian Citizens

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Online donations can be made for multiple purposes. Kindly select one or more of the purpose, for which you wish to donate. Kindly fill in the amount of donation against the selected purpose.
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* All amount will be considered in INR (₹) currency

Please Note:

  1. The amount to be donated should be filled in Indian Rupees.
  2. For Donors in India all donations are exempt From Income Tax U/s. 80g(5)(Vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 Vide Order No. Dit(E)/1580/8e/40/69-70 Dated 02-01-2007, Which Has Been Further Extended in Perpetuity by Letter No. Dit(E)/2913/8e/40/69-70 Dated 26.09.2011. Our Income Tax Pan Is: AAATR3497G.
  3. Money receipt with a copy of Income Tax exemption certificate will be sent by post to the donors in India within 2-3 weeks from the date of receipt of the donation.
  4. For Donations made from outside India by Indian citizens , scanned copy of the receipt would be sent.
  5. Donation Amount should not be less than Rs 200.