Ramakrishna Rd, Bolpur, WB, India

Swami Vivekananda Charitable Dispensary

Swami Vivekananda Charitable Dispensary

The Ramakrishna Mission Order sincerely practices what Bhagavan Shri Ramakrishna preached and Swami Vivekananda promoted as ‘Shiva Jnane Jive Seva’, meaning, ‘serving the God by serving His manifestations in all beings’. In service to humanity, the Bolpur Math has initiated a Charitable Dispensary and named it after Swamiji as Swami Vivekananda Charitable Dispensary to render medical services to the poor and helpless patients in and around the locality. The devoted and voluntary services of eminent doctors and devotees have been instrumental behind the successful functioning of the Dispensary where around 50 patients per day avail the medical facilities.

This centre for medical relief in the heart of Bolpur also offers most of the medicines like stock mixtures, tablets, lotions, ointments, syrups are given free of cost. However, expensive medicines like tonics, antibiotics, drugs, multivitamin drops for children, injections etc are given at a very nominal charge. 

The Dispensary also works towards addressing several issues in the locality related to health and hygiene including creation of awareness; detection of serious diseases at early stage; dedicated health care; and referral to Specialized Hospitals, if required.  

The Dispensary charges a very nominal fee of  ₹ 10 for doctor consultation for all patients.